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Why sell lab-grown diamonds?

Increase your profitability 1.8X

"When analyzing the wholesale and retail prices of unbranded man-made and natural diamonds, it appears that the retail gross margin of man-made diamonds in popular carat-sizes is as much as 1.8-times that of natural diamonds"

4 of 5 Customers walking into your store want choice

"Hanging on to one product that sells love may not be a good idea. Present consumers with a choice, present both mined and lab-grown diamonds, and make money with the products they value and see as love. Let them choose."

55% of your customers pay more for sustainable products

"More than half (55%) of global respondents in Nielsen’s corporate social responsibility survey say they are willing to pay extra for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact"

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Proven Products

Developed with data-driven market research. Our catalog of 1000+ unique design is perfect for modern shoppers


Over 60 years of experince and in house capablities from growning to crafting  jewellery allows us to offer you quality products on time


Putting products on the shelf is not enough anymore. Our team of subject experts help you boost your digital precence

You get the best product at the right price because

we grow, polish & make jewelry in-house.

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