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How Dropshipping Works. Direct delivery.

Yes, we dropship!


Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

What do you get?


Do you want to start selling right away? We have high-quality images and listing data compatible with major e-commerce platforms.

Fast Fulfilment

Do your customers want their orders fulfilled yesterday? We have 1000s of products stocked ready to ship in tier-1 fulfillment centers.


Do you need margins to grow your business? We provide the margins you need by passing on our in-house diamond & jewelry manufacturing benefits.

Create Account

For Trade Members Only - Wholesale and Retail Jewelers

Want to buy retail? Email us at, we will connect you to your nearest retailer.

  • No account opening charges
  • Low first-order value
  • The minimum quantity per style is only one piece
  • Volume pricing available
  • API Access (Coming soon)
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