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How to be a profitable jewelry business?

Is the Jewelry Industry Profitable?

The fashion industry evolves every day and is profitable as a whole. However, there are questions raised regarding the accessories industry or the jewelry industry's profitability. The answer to that is not black or white, but a grey instead – It depends.

Expected Compound Annual Growth: 8.1%

While it may have seemed that brick-and-mortar jewelry stores are shrinking, a significant reason for that is a shift to online retail. Most current estimates peg the global jewelry market at about $348.5 billion annually, roughly equal to the size of South Africa's gross domestic product. The global jewelry industry continues to grow. Projections estimate that it will reach $480.5 billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate of 8.1%. Therefore, there is enough room for existing players and new entrants to grow.

How to be a profitable jewelry business?

Profitability in the jewelry industry primarily depends upon the following factors:

  • What you are selling

  • Is there sufficient demand

  • How is it being marketed

Begin by studying consumer demand and establish a jewelry business that caters to those demands. Yet, after you have launched a business, there lies a bigger question:

How can you grow revenues and create a loyal clientele to ensure a profitable jewelry business?

Here are a few tips to increase your revenue.

Focus on a Niche

As a jewelry entrepreneur, do not invest in all types of jewelry. Instead, streamline sales and appeal to your target audience by narrowing your product line. Choose a niche and focus on it. Combinations of several factors can define your niche; product material (diamond, gold, sterling silver), product value (fine, demi-fine, fashion), sub-culture (bohemian, hip-hop, minimalist). The former are just a few examples from a long list of attributes. The key is to identify your place and focus your efforts on it. You are optimizing your investment in both inventory and marketing.

Quality Materials

From the consumer's perspective, jewelry has a significant emotional and monetary value. Therefore, consumers always look for quality and durability when purchasing from a jewelry company. Provide your customers with the best possible materials for the price. Set high standards for quality and ensure every product made in-house or sourced from vendors meets those standards. In case you are sourcing products from outside, evaluate and select suppliers who understand and match your quality requirements.

Be Unique

Standard, run-of-the-mill designs in jewelry may have impressed people in the past. Still, the current clientele demands a customized, distinct, and unique touch. Therefore, create out-of-the-box designs. Embrace your creativity not just to follow current accessory trends but to become trendsetters instead.

Reach Out to Your Target Audience through Appropriate Mediums

Now that you have defined your niche, it is essential to establish contact with your target audience to grow your business. Survey your target clientele, decide appropriate marketing mediums, draw their attention to your jewelry. Ensure that all your touchpoints with consumers communicate your specialization and match their aesthetic values. Focus on generating leads initially and then convert leads into sales and revenues into profits.

Having the passion for creating and selling jewelry is just half the plot in ensuring your business turns into a success story in the evolving jewelry industry of today. Knowing how to make it profitable is the other half. With determination and focus, you can become a local, and with the help of e-commerce, a global success!

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